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Speaking Engagements for Effective Solutions

Darcee is an authentic thought leader & dynamic high energy speaker. 

She is known in the media as the ''Leadership Diva" as a result of covering a myriad of leadership topics: global leadership, women in leadership & entrepreneurism, parental leadership, personal & professional leadership. Her speeches are content rich & train others on effective living.

Darcee has developed & constructed a lifestyle framework on work-life rebalance. She inspires others on overcoming adversity & life challenges. As an authority in human development, she is research charged & focuses on achievement psychology, neuroscience & life optimization in personal & professional development.

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Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Panelist, Town Hall, Moderator, Open Topic.

“Your divine purpose is born the moment you embrace your uniqueness.”

- Darcee D. McJannet


Executive VIP Coaching

Our executive coaching development programs are customized & individually tailored to your organization. 

  • We assist you to solidify your vision, values & goals.
  • Develop transformational leadership skills
  • Darcee is your accountability partner & keeps you focused.
  • Formulate a decisive action plan & strategy to achieve results.
  • Create a work-life rebalance strategic road-map.
  • Formalize an integrative effective personal & professional plan
  • Review your Corporate Wellness strategy & succession plan.

Imagine your results & achievement, both personally & professionally. If you had your own certified coach to fast track your success, save you years of money, time & frustration.

Human Capital is the most valuable asset to any organization and through the application of effective strategies, individuals and corporations can leverage and promote a more knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and productive workforce/individual. 


Individual VIP Coaching

Life management coaching assists with achieving a higher level of self awareness & overall life success.

  • Life coaching can create lasting individual transformation
  • Help you overcome obstacles or past emotional trauma
  • Breakthrough barriers holding you back 
  • Achieve your true purpose & destiny. 
  • Overcome obstacles related to relationships, work/career, self- esteem, traumatic life experiences etc. 
  •  You receive support through your fears & limiting beliefs.
  • Identify blockages & unconscious behaviours/paradigms.
  • Review your adolescent imprints & subconscious pre-programming
  • Bring out your best & foster your potential.
  • Understand congruency & personal leadership alignment.


Exclusive Group Coaching

Join our exclusive work-life rebalance group coaching session. Due to the demand for this exclusive program we have a waiting list . Our group size never exceeds "8" and is designed for the ultimate comfort & confidentiality.

Join our date for eight & don't be late!

"Top Secret Formula For Successful Individuals Globally

         They have a Coach to Fast Track Results."

Darcee D. McJannet - Human Development Expert


  • Seminars
  • Lunch 'n' Learn
  • Mastermind groups
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Leadership Development & Assessments 
  • Work-Life Rebalance Programs
  • Workplace Ethics & Awareness
  • Communication/HR Sensitivity Team Training 


  • Global Thought Leadership
  • Personal Leadership
  • Professional Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Parental Leadership
  • Kids Leadership




Our focus is on empowering  the next generation of strong, bold, female leaders & entrepreneurs to blaze trails.

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 Our exclusive client packages are designed for your best fit. 

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2 x 1.5 hr Consulting Sessions

Personal Analysis & Plan

Professional Analysis & Plan

Life Inventory Assessment

Work - Life Rebalance  Action Plan


Exclusive Group  Coaching


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 Exclusive Small Group  (Max 8 )

3hr  session  per week

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Life Management Plan

Life Management Analysis

Maintenance Accountability 

Work-Life Rebalance Maintainer


Food & Spa included


 Group Coaching & Individual Session


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