Stratego Consulting International Inc.

"Sustainable Solutions to

Complex Problems"


Darcee D. McJannet

Founder & CEO

Wife, Mother, Humanitarian, Thought Leader, Influencer for Effective Living, Advocate for Global Peace & Human Rights, Champion to Empower Women in Leadership & Entrepreneurism

Darcee D. McJannet is the CEO & Founder of Stratego Consulting International Inc.

She has created a socially conscious company that deeply cares about humanity & the future of our world. 

Darcee is a top work-life rebalance & achievement expert, harnessing over 25 years of experience in human development & analytics.

As a dynamic & multi-talented visionary & pioneer in “transitional leadership,"her focus as a transitional strategist integrates executive, leadership, life coaching & work-life rebalance.

Darcee is a certified international coach, best selling author, speaker, forward thinker & thought leader. 

She has been trained & mentored by the World's Top Ranked, Leadership Guru, John C. Maxwell. 

Darcee is an accredited member of the prestigious JMT group of elite international coaches.

In the media she is referred to as the “Leadership Diva," as she places a different spin on all aspects of leadership. Her unique gift as an empath combines her analytical approach & heightened intuition to help others produce unbelievable insights & accelerate transformation. As a professional problem solver she is highly skilled in gap analysis & collapsing time frames to render sustainable results. 

Darcee has made a positive global difference through utilizing innovative & cutting edge strategies & concepts to create individual & organizational transformation. Her previous experience includes strategic analysis, leadership development, personal & professional coaching, life management, organizational restructuring/development, strategic/succession planning, change management, business process improvement, human capital management, employee development & facilitation/training. 

She holds a double major degree in Business Administration & Political Science. Working toward her MBA she spent years of extensive research and wrote a dissertation on “Corporate Wellness” in human capital management & motivational factors of individuals/corporations. Darcee's thesis required her to interview hundreds of professional’s to track success & achievement patterns/habits in human development. 

Her experience involves various facets of human analytics, leadership development, human resources, regional operations management, sales and business development, client relationship management, account management, recruitment/retention and training/facilitation. As a Regional Director/Consultant to IBM, she successfully led cross-functional teams and successfully oversaw the Western Canadian region. 

Darcee is dedicated to life long learning and holds numerous certifications and media training.


Darcee has presented for academic institutions and national media on personal & professional development. Her diverse business background has provided exposure to a variety of business sectors: 

Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Investment, IT, Finance, Consulting, Legal, Accounting, Health Care, Property Management, Manufacturing, Energy, Government, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Academic, Entrepreneurial/Private, Public, Non-Profit and Outsourcing. 

Human Capital is the most valuable asset to any organization and through the application of effective strategies, individuals and corporations can leverage and promote a more knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and productive workforce/individual. 

Darcee’s tenacious and energetic personality, coupled with her determination to see others succeed, adds value to both the individual and organization. She effortlessly navigates complex relationships and manages strategic outsourcing for coaching & consulting practices. Her strong collaborative approach and an open facilitative style, focus on achieving results and influence.